Postpartum Support

You are home following the birth of your beautiful baby, settling in as a new family. The weeks and months to come can feel isolating and full of uncertainties. Whether this child is your first or not, you find yourself making hundreds of decisions every day, and night. Nights of feedings, rocking and swaying make it is easy to feel alone, with only your partner to witness these challenging times.
You are not alone.
We applaud you in every choice you make, knowing those choices culminate in the discovery of your parenting style and philosophy. We want to know how you are doing!

You're never alone.

How can we help?

Fort Wayne Doulas specializes in
Postpartum Support

Hands-on Lactation support meeting you wherever you are, today.
Newborn care from diapering to bathing, babywearing and everything in between.
Maternal healing from birth, self-care support and validation.
Family care through infant bonding and soothing techniques for the mom & partner, sibling care, and family counseling resources.
Household support with light housekeeping and heathly snack and meal prep, so you can focus on what matters most

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Time with your newborn is precious. Fort Wayne Doulas will help make this beautiful time enjoyable, empowering your family for a lifetime. Contact Fort Wayne Doulas today to schedule a time to meet, no matter where you are in your parenting journey.